Salle Holyrood Fencing Club - "Fencing Footsteps" Sponsored Walk

Salle Holyrood Fencing Club members are doing a sponsored walk from St Margaret's Loch to Holyrood Palace using only fencing footwork! The distance is approximately 42 times the length of an Olympic fencing piste or approximately 2000 fencing steps.

Salle Holyrood has only been in existence for 4 and a half months but already has 30 members and has achieved enormous progress in terms of developing its members' skills, introducing them to competition and winning its first titles and medals. We urgently need to raise funds to purchase essential kit for the club to continue the development of its existing members and to enable us to welcome more. Please go to the donations page on our club website and make a small donation (or a large donation if you feel the urge!). While you're there, have a look at the rest of our website to see what we have achieved to date.

Best wishes
Sean Walton
Partner & Coach, Fencing Fun
Head Coach, Salle Holyrood
Tel: 07764 685520