Scottish Fencing investment update

Scottish Fencing is pleased to announce our new staffing arrangements for the next 2 years after sportscotland confirmed an investment increase of 25% into the organisation, to the end of this current investment cycle in 2021.  This level of investment is recognition of our performance over the last two years, invigorating the Board, engaging the membership, developing a strategy and delivering on the operational targets we had set ourselves. 


With the increased investment and the already-confirmed funding from the Girls & Women’s fund it places the organisation in a strong position to deliver on the new strategic plan , with thanks to the level of investment offered by sportscotland.


In terms of staffing, role titles have been changed along with adding new responsibilities particularly around the talent, development and operational activities.


Liz Anderson will now be Operations Manager, building on her many years with the organisation and adding new responsibilities around equality and membership retention. Liz will also be responsible for various elements of the Scottish Fencing competition portfolio.


Blair Cremin will be Pathways Manager with full responsibility for all pathways within the sport encompassingtalent, coaching and refereeing in conjunction with the club development responsibilities Blair currently looks after.


Vincent Bryson will now be Chief Executive Officer with overall accountability for the organisations day to day and strategic activity. He will continue to build and expand the quality relationship with key partners developed in the last two years to the benefit of every member. We are delighted we have secured a slight increase in time from the previous 0.4 to 0.5 FTE, 2.5 days per week.


Vincent Bryson had this to say regarding the new roles – 


“I am delighted we can confirm the new roles for Blair and Liz, the standards both have achieved are excellent and I am sure we are set for an exciting future as both their portfolios grow. There are some interesting times ahead and lots of good opportunities to come down the line. The work we do as a staff team is small compared to the time, effort and commitment our clubs and volunteers show and our effort is aimed at supporting everyone within the sport.


These new roles will give significant scope to complement and celebrate the work our clubs and volunteers undertake to improve the sport. Now is definitely the time to get fully involved in Forging the Future”.