Board of Directors

George Liston President and Chair

Key Responsibilities: President and Chair

As President, I represent Scottish Fencing as its titular and functional head in...

Bill Steele Director / Selection Manager

Key responsibilities: as Team Selection Manager it is my intention to make the selection process clear and concise, and to...

David Carson Financial Director

Key responsibilities: to provide oversight of SF's finances as well as strategic financial planning for our annual and four...

Gail Prince Independent Director

Key Responsibilities: Communication and event marketing/communications

Background: I am excited to join the Board of Scottish Fencing....

Hugh Kernohan Director

Key responsibilities: Performance and governance


At the end of 2015 I retired after a...

Martyn Foley Director

The board will assign portfolios to directors soon and we will update this page once this is agreed

Mike O'Donnell Director Development and Events

Key Responsibilities:

I currently look after the policy and events remits on The Board and if you attend any of the SF...

Ross Morrison Director (Safeguarding)

Key responsibilities: Safeguarding and Child Protection and Development


The board will assign portfolios to directors soon and...

Sheila Anderson Director (HR and Equality)

Key responsibilities: HR and Equality


I am delighted to have joined the Board of...